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Keeping Secrets… the wedding


The bride was beautiful, the groom a very happy man and the day was gorgeous!



Keeping Secrets!


A few months ago I received a call from my niece.  She asked me if  I would make her Wedding Invitations however there was a but! A BIG BUT AT THAT!  It was a Surprise Wedding and I had to  promise not to say a word!  BIG ASK!!!!!  On several  occasions I almost innocently spilled the beans to my mother.  I almost said ‘Oh I’m working on Donna’s invitations today’  Luckily I was able to stop myself in time!!!  So 2 months on, many secret phone calls and e-mails later LOL the invitations are finished and have been mailed!   

I really enjoyed making these (I know I say that every time!)  Donna wanted something classic but with a modern twist keeping it simple.