Monthly Archives: April 2011

A French Influence








 As the venue for the reception is in a french restaurant, Julie wanted to add a french influence to her black and white invitations.  

The black envelopes with white labels and embossed flaps create a sense of anticipation. The front of  the trifold folder  establishes the formal tone of the event  by using a formal font with a touch of bling.  Once opened the delicate black and white back ground matting creates the french feel Julie was looking for.

I’ve continued the theme through with the place cards, Menu’s and Seating plan using the Chandelier to tie all the pieces together.


Keeping Secrets!


A few months ago I received a call from my niece.  She asked me if  I would make her Wedding Invitations however there was a but! A BIG BUT AT THAT!  It was a Surprise Wedding and I had to  promise not to say a word!  BIG ASK!!!!!  On several  occasions I almost innocently spilled the beans to my mother.  I almost said ‘Oh I’m working on Donna’s invitations today’  Luckily I was able to stop myself in time!!!  So 2 months on, many secret phone calls and e-mails later LOL the invitations are finished and have been mailed!   

I really enjoyed making these (I know I say that every time!)  Donna wanted something classic but with a modern twist keeping it simple.